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Shanita “Nita B” Brown is a strategic leader who influences organizations by aligning their systems, culture, and organizational structure to ensure consistency with the strategy. Her ability to motivate others and influence the behavior of leadership has led to the development and success of organizational change. She coaches, consults and empowers leaders to lead from a transformed place.

Shanita “Nita B” Brown is the founder of Generation Elevate Inc, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and Shanita Brown Empowers. She is a motivational speaker known to draw and captivate her audiences through her powerful, heartfelt, comedic and inspiring words with the passion and energy she brings. Her messages are encouraging, motivational, evoke change and challenges her audiences!

Shanita “Nita B” Brown is active in her community and partners with the city of Desoto and Cedar Hill to implement teen programs. She is ministry director at Jubilee Community Church in Desoto, Tx. She is a certified life coach and received her bachelor and master degrees from The University of Texas at Arlington. She is pursuing her doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership at Regent University.

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